Special Items

This is a list of all items you can purchase using the credits earned when doing online challenges or when buying the Stylist, Pizza or Disco version of the game.

Laser gun
Credits: 50

Pistol that needs no level, so can be used from the beginning of the game.
Shoots rapidly small lasers that deals 250 fire damage. Perfect to be used agains a group of goblins or against bosses.
Hand of doom
Credits: 150

Big mace (level 6) that deals 200 damage to ALL enemies in front of Dani.
Also grants 25% extra damage with all fire spells.

Damage is great but the ability to hit multiple targets makes it awesome to attack groups of skeletons or other groups of enemies.
Arm and claws
Credits: 130

It is an arm cut from the elbow that acts as a sword with 3 blades. This weapon is holded from the metal arm bone.

Great sword to play from level 6 to level 12. Has no special ability but makes A LOT of damage for a level 6 weapon.

A normal level 6 sword damages 140, so from level 6 you will be God with this weapon.
Hatto Hanzori's Katana
Credits: 140

Worn by Hatto Hanzori's in lot's of movies.

Level 12 deadly sword. Damage is around 100 higher than a level 12 sword, but the best is that is extremely fast.

Enemies nearby will become slices in a few seconds.
Space Warrior Sword
Credits: 40

Advanced sword (level 14) to play the last levels. It is a bit more powerful than a level 14 sword but adds tripple damage to critic attacks.


Mummy's magic bands
Credits: 90

The spirit of an ancient mummified pharaon regenerates your body and heals your wounds when wearing these bands.
Jungle magic Tanga
Credits: 50

Level 1 armor that magically increase your muscles becoming stronger and, therefore, dealing more damage with melee weapons, however it has no protection at all.

Nice to play first levels.
White Plastic Armor
Credits: 50

Armor that needs no level, so can be used from the beginning of the game.
Not a big protection because is made of plastic, but looks very cool.
Red Pajamas
Credits: 50

The next generation of pajamas.

Level 4 armor. Only grants a little protection against temperature, but increases your skill in bows.

Don't worry, you will not die if you wear this red pajama. This only used to happen in the Original version of pajamas.
Space Elf Uniform
Credits: 60

Worn by Space Elves.

Level 4 armor. Grants protection against temperature, and increases your skill in arcane.
Armor of Space Warrior
Credits: 40

Worn by Space Warriors.

Level 6 armor. Grants great protection against melee.
Useful from level 6 to level 10 if your character is a true warrior.
Red English Suit of Power
Credits: 40

Level 8 suit. Grants no protection, but gives special stats, like extra experience and bows.
Very useful when purchasing spellbooks or recipes, because prices of stuff from Fedora become lower if you wear it.
Yellow Motorbiker Suit
Credits: 120

Level 10 armor that grants a great protection against melee and arrows, and also increases your skill in swords.
Perfect for sword based warriors.


Space Cigar and Cookie
Credits: 200

It is a Space Cookie attached to a Space Cigar.

Pet. Fires phasers (dam 50 fire) to enemies nearby and photon torpedoes (dam 100 fire) to far enemies.
Helpful when paying in low levels.
Mini SpaceBall
Credits: 300

Pet. Fires a powerful laser (dam 2.000 fire). Does not attack enemies with low HP, so this pet is useless in low levels.

Helpful when playing in high levels killing rough enemies like armors in a single shot.
With full energy can shot 3 times.

Other items

Orb of Rebirth
Credits: 50

Reset all your skills, so you can reasign them again.
Ring of salvation
Credits: 30

This ring tells you when the game is saved.
Perfect to know while playing when the game is autosaved.

Of course this ring is useless if you play in "hard" or "hard++" difficulty.