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Re: Actualizaciones Unepic

NotaPublicado: 17 Jun 2013, 12:39
por franfistro
Version 1.43.2

// new: incluido un TXT en el directorio save explicando donde encontrarlo
// fixed: cuando se crea un nuevo personaje tras visitar la casa del heroe, los items permanecian allí
// fixed: la pantalla retos no cabía en 1280x1024
// fixed: maza gog con textos que se superponian
// fixed: textos de "tunicas de concentracion" salian mal
// fixed: cambiado el nivel de tesoros en monteorco.
// fixed: quitada una caja vacía de la bilbioteca. Ahora contienen un anillo unico.
// fixed: ya no aparece una ventana negra al iniciar el jego
// new: log al cargar, por si falla saber que pasa
// changed: las varitas recargables disparan más lentas.
// catalan
// japonés
// vuelve a funcionar el primer mensaje de calibrar mando
// new: en la pantalla de grupos, aparece el nombre y nivel del prrsonaje
// changed: incluidas 3 ataudes en los jardines antes del puenteo de los trasgos
// metidos más ataudes en nivel 1
// fixed: los items desaparecen si vas primero al nivel editor

Re: Actualizaciones Unepic

NotaPublicado: 16 Jul 2013, 15:17
por franfistro
v 1.43.10 (version oficial ) UN JUGADOR

Estos son los cambios hechos desde la última versión oficial (1.42.2)

- fixed: pause works with button once again.
- fixed: mouse pointer was not visible in the popup dialogs.
- fixed: Quests now admit green or blue items (blacksmith hammer, trident)
- fixed: Potions no longer are created out of cauldron using shortcuts.
- new: included a TXT file in the "save" folder explaining why you may not find your saves there.
- fixed: challenges did not fit well in a 1280x1024 screensize.
- fixed: gog mace no longer has a shortcut text that overlaps the damage.
- fixed: removed an empty small box in the library. Now it contains an unique ring.
- fixed: a cmd window no longer appears
- new: inserted loading log
- catalan
- japanese
- first message of callibrate controller (when detected) now works.
- japanese: bonus as prefix instead of sufix.
- fixed: default controls for XBOX controller are now ok.
- fixed: line in Czech dialog made the game crash in the necronomicron
- fixed: shortcuts did not work in controller
- changed: callibration has been changed to prevent mistakes when pressing buttons.
- new: traje de Mr.Red en Zoran (solo castellano)
- fixed: sometimes buff spells remained active (the bar autocompeted constantly)
- new: "adult-free content" option.
- new: included in shops all tomes dropped by pure spirits (just in case someone sells them by accident).
- changed: armors are calculated different (they absorb percentage of damage)
- changed: improve armor and improve weapon can only be casted over main characters.
- fixed: Allies and pets no longer attacks barrels.
- fixed: enemies no longer attack the "spirit of light".
- fixed: controlled skeletons no longer prevent other skeletons to appear from underground
- fixed: you no longer can attack while casting.
- fixed: volume of voices (dubbing) is now set to the FX volume.
- fixed: "improve armor spell" over monsters made the app crash
- fixed: the "jumping ray" from the black demon (single player) no longer affects non-human creatures (like pets).
- new: included "reset controls" option.
- changed: included "absortion damage" in armors. Now they are stronger agains melee & projectile attacks.
- fixed: keys no longer keeps pressed when losing focus of the window (still hapening when Steam client is called).
- inserted robes and staves in single player.