WiiU bugs

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WiiU bugs

Postby adrenochrome » Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:15 pm

Playing on WiiU, firmware 4.1.0 E, set to french language
everything related to the game is located in the console main memory (10BG free space left)
game 244MB
update 10MB
save game 256kB

game is set to french language by default(console language), difficulty is set to difficult++

- random freeze during dialogs :
it did happen 2 times in the sewers
first : after dying and replaying a dialog with Zera, at entrance of the sewers, i was pressing button 'A' very fast and quickly to skip the dialog, it did freeze at end of one Zera's sentence
second : the other time was when i met, for the first time(i wasnt trying to skip the dialog), the big cube spirit from the sewers, at end of one of his fist sentences
-> no other possibility than pressing the console power button during seconds ( doing the same with gamepad power button seems only to switch off the gamepad : pressing power button lite the screen bringing me back to the same frozen state)

- potions wanishing
i noticed my healing potions wanished several times : when i check my inventory there's only on left
same did happen for slow recovery potions
-> i'm sure i had more because i built several before in front of the kitchen cauldron using my reciept and i couldnt use them accidentally because i didnt set any short-cut for them

- item grouping
sometime, some item doesnt get grouped in the inventory, eg : currently i have 2 slots of 20 bat wings
reorganizing inventory with 'Y" button has no effect on this bug, i cant notice any difference in the concerned item definitions

if i meet other bugs i'll try to report them in this thread
thanks for this wonderful game :)
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Re: WiiU bugs

Postby audie murphy » Sat Jun 07, 2014 5:25 am

Missing dialog, after the first line of any conversation either persons dialog line may skip, leaving you without dialog and sometimes important quest info.
audie murphy

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